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Crawler Type Drill Rig

Structure characteristics: with modular design, small body, compact structure, low gravity, flexible movement, stable operation, and strong climbing ability, it can greatly improve working environment and construction efficiency.

Drilling Depth: 30m

Impact Frequency: 840r/min

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig
  • Crawler Type Drill Rig


I. Description

With fully hydraulic drilling system and anti-jamming device, the crawler drill rig drills the rock much faster. It is widely applied for drilling on the working surface, roof, side wall, and bottom plate of tunnel.

II. Application

Crawler drill rig of Dingli is mainly used for drilling roadway, tunnel and culvert in the infrastructures, such as hydropower, railroad, and project of road, metallurgy, mental mine, and coal.

III. Structure Principle

Motivated by hydraulic pressure, it is mainly featured by auto-dedusting, automatic coil cable and crawler type walking. The rig can move, rise & fall and carry out multi-anchor drilling in the tunnels. All these actions are all controlled by the handle in a concentrated manner.


Performance feature of Crawler Type Drill Rig

1. Multi-dimensional drill and blasthole;
2. The impactor is driven by double-motor hydraulic power, so it can drill much deeper;
3. Fully-hydraulic propeller facilitates the propulsion adjustment and increases the lifting power;
4. The cab is equipped with air conditioner so that the operator will not suffer dust air and sun exposure;
5. Efficient hydraulic dust collector help protect the environment;
6. Hydraulic unloading device frees workers from strenuous manual work.


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