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DTH Drill & Impactor

Application: railway, highway, hydropower, water conservancy, mining, quarrying, construction, shipbuilding and other basic energy construction fields.

Hole depth: ≥20m

Rotational speed: ≤66r/min

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor
  • DTH Drill & Impactor


I. Description

As a key manufacturer of China’s drilling machinery, Dingli has obtained the permit to produce DTH drilling rigs, among which, QC70/80/90/100 DTH impactors are the newly-generated patented products. With reference to the most advanced technology of national & foreign drilling rigs and frequent problems in practical use, the experienced experts have developed various types of outstanding drilling rigs. After years of market testing, the reputation and quality of Dingli drill are widely circulated in the industry.

II. Structure Principle

The piston, inner cylinder, valve seat, checking valve and drill attachment are installed in the elongated outer cylinder. The upper end of the outer cylinder is equipped with a joint including wrench port and connecting thread; the lower end is with a calliper set connected by a thread.
The compressed gas enters the impactor through the pipe and is then discharged from the bit, where the exhaust gas is emitted for ballasting. The rotation of impactor is supported by the turrent. Provided by the propeller, the shaft thrust is transmitted to the impactor through the drill rod. The calliper set is mainly used to transfer thrust and rotary motion to the drill bit. The snap ring controls axial movement of the bit while the check valve is used to prevent entry of debris and rock slag into the impactor when the pressure supply discontinues. In the process of drilling, the bit is pushed into the impactor and then pressed in the calliper set. At this time, the piston directly impacts the drill bit for drilling. When the drill is lifted from the bottom of the hole, it begins strong blowing.


Performance Features

1.Since the internal structure and size are designed on the basis of latest drilling theory, the impactor can obtain best energy transfer. Due to large impact power for a single time, the drilling becomes faster;
2.With uniquely-designed tapered diameter, the drilling rig suffers less pick-up drag when the machine is stuck by gravel and mud in the process of drilling, which greatly reduces the failure that the impactor cannot be lifted out;
3.In order to prevent dust pollution during perforation drilling, the main components of the product also adopt a special new heat treatment technology controlled by the computer. It allows small amount of high-pressure water to be added in the compressed air to guarantee the operator's health;
4.This design allows users to connect directly to the drill pipe without reducer union, which lowers the investment cost;
5.With best-quality raw materials and the most advanced processing technology, Dingli’s rig has more stable performance and longer service time;
6.It can be easily assembled and disassembled with simple internal structure; besides, it has fewer failures with reliable performance.


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