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Rotary Tunnel Kiln

Dingli’s eco-friendly rotary tunnel kiln (rotary kiln) is improved and upgraded based on the traditional kiln. Its most important feature is the bricks do not move while rotary kiln body is in the process of rotary movement. Made from steel, the kind runs along a circular track.

Raw materials: waste rock

Product types: standard bricks

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln
  • Rotary Tunnel Kiln


The annular rotary tunnel kiln of Dingli is divided into nine parts including walking kiln, circular track, loop power supply system, air duct system, annular transportation system, annular stacking system, automatic coal blending system, automatic water distribution system, and automatic firing system. With a total length of 120m-170m, the orbit is divided into five sections successively for drying, preheating, baking, insulation and cooling. By moving in the same direction with the kiln, the split machine carried by the mobile trolley carries out splitting on one side while stacking bricks on the other side. Rotary kiln body moves forward in the orbit at the speed of 70m/d ~ l20m /d with the semifinished bricks being fed in the front end and finished bricks coming out from the back end.

Unlike traditional ordinary tunnel kiln, Dingli’s rotary tunnel kiln stacks the semifinished bricks at the bottom of the annular kiln only for once. The brick baking is achieved by the movement of kiln body while the semifinished bricks keep still, so it does not require kiln car and supporting facilities. The cross-section of traditional tunnel kiln is generally 2.7 to 4.5 meters, while the cross-section of annular rotary tunnel kiln can be up to nine meters. With more semifinished bricks being fed at one time, the capacity is increased correspondingly.

Brick baking requires coal or other fuels, so the key point of technical design of kiln is how to maximize the thermal efficiency. The sintering temperature of bricks is between 850 ° C ~ 1050 ° C, so it shall improve the insulation effect in order to save the coal. Rotary tunnel kiln is stacked by the aluminosilicate refractory fiber bricks which can not only reduce the kiln’s weight and thermal expansion & contraction stress, but also increases its thermal insulation. The kiln temperature can be maintained for a long time and more semifinished products can be fed with large cross section for one time. The heat of internal combustion will more effectively improve the kiln body temperature and save fuel. Throughout the heat supply system, it requires the blast pressure maintains balanced on the surface and under the bottom of the vehicle, which prevents the high-temperature gas going down and cool air of the bottom going up to reduce the kiln temperature. The semifinished bricks of rotary tunnel kiln are directly stacked on the ground, so no air supply is needed at the bottom, and the ground temperature can be fully and directly used.

The coal supply is stopped during actual production of Dingli’s kiln. Once being supplied with coal again after 48 hours of wind supply, the baking can still operate normally. Concerning the annular rotary tunnel kiln, the heat released by the finished bricks from its baking temperature reducing to the room temperature is sufficient to dry the wet semifinished bricks with the same volume. Thus there is no need to build the hot-air stove or adopt super-hot roasting technique to consume more coal for drying. In the heat supply system, all the wind for drying is used for cooling the finished bricks to the room temperature after entering from the end of kiln. It means all the heat released by the finished bricks has been used in firing and drying sections for combustion and bake-out. Apart from energy saving, the annular rotary tunnel kiln is also boasted with reasonable process design, layout and simple logistics route.

The ordinary tunnel kiln requires intensive labor and has poor working conditions. Dingli’s annular rotary tunnel kiln adopts mechanized operation and automated digital control system with the kiln temperature being displayed directly on the screen of the control system, which is very easy to operate. It radically prevents the clinkers and greatly improves the output. Working in a clean condition with suitable temperature, you will feel like in a garden-like factory.


Small Input, High Output
Boasted with the capacity of 450,000 bricks per day, the rotary tunnel kiln can save more than 60% of labor costs and 50% management investment compared with traditional kiln of the same output.
Eco-friendly & Energy Saving
With 260 kcal heat consumption for each standard brick, the gas emission is in line with national environmental requirements. Mechanized operation system helps reduce the labor intensity and improve dusty work environment with high temperature.
High Rate of Finished Material
Apart from high output, Dingli’s kiln produces the products with quality in line with national standards. Due to the all-round adoption of automation, digital control system engineering, it ensures the stability of product quantity and quality.
Various Types of Raw Material
With a wide range of raw materials like waste rock, shale, fly ash, river silt and construction waste, it is suitable for producing new wall material such as hollow bricks, porous bricks, self-insulation bricks.
Steel Quality, Long Service Life
By adopting steel-made body, it basically requires no maintenance. With fiber lining, the kiln has light weight, scientific design and rational structure. The lifetime is more than twice the traditional kiln.
Short Construction Cycle
It only takes 90-110 days to complete an annular rotary kiln. The digital and automatic system solves the errors caused by the traditional experience of human, which improves the product output and quality.


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