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Sand Maker

Application: as ideal equipment for producing manufactured sand, bedding material, bituminous concrete, and cement concrete. It is also widely used for middle or fine crushing of minerals, cement, refractory, bauxite linker, corundum, and glass.

Capacity: 40-100t/h

Feed Size: ≤200mm

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker
  • Sand Maker


I. Product Introduction

Description: Dingli’s professors developed and researched the VSI sand maker by integrating advanced technology. Featured by high efficiency and low consumption, it has become a preferred model for crushing and shaping the construction stone.

II. Application Fields

PLF sand maker applies to the early stage of grinding by producing a great amount of crushed ores that reduces the cost of grinding in mineral field.

III.Structural Principle

Under drive of the belt, the vertically-oriented flat device begins to rotate along the central shaft. After entering into the sand maker, the materials are divided into two parts by the separator. Some materials get into high-speed rotating impeller and then they are thrown out from three evenly-distributed flow channels at the speed of 60-70m/s. Through repeated hitting and grinding of the materials and impacting plate, the crushed materials are finally discharged through lower outlet. In the whole process, the metal elements are not directly touched by the materials, so it extends service life of the machine. Meanwhile, the self-circulation of air in the eddying cavity also reduces dust pollution.


Performance Feature of Sand Maker
1. Complete crushing, high efficiency, small wear and remarkable interests.
2. Suitable for wet materials with 8% water.
3. Coarse and fining crushing of middle-hard materials, such as corundum, sintered aluminum vanadium soil, etc.
4. Cubic shape, large output.
5. Simple and reasonable structure, strengthened body, strong impact & abrasion resistance and low processing cost.
6. Low operating noise and small dust pollution.
7. Reliable operation and convenient installation, operation, and maintenance.


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