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Heavy Hammer Crusher

Application: limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal gangue, and wood and paper with strong fiber structure, flexibility and toughness or asbestos cement waste in recycling asbestos fibers, and so on.

Capacity: 50-3000T/H

Feed size: ≤1200mm

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher
  • Heavy Hammer Crusher


I. Description

The heavy hammer crusher developed by Xinxiang Dingli has advanced structure, reliable performance, smooth operation and low energy consumption. The aggregates with particle size of 600-1200 mm can be crushed to 25 mm or less at one time. Heavy hammer crusher is suitable for crushing limestone and other medium hardness and brittle materials with compression strength not exceeding 150 MPa and calcium content higher than 40% such as limestone, coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, alum, brick, coal gangue.

II. Structure

It is composed of shell, rotor, strike board, hammer, bracket, lining plate and other parts.

III. Operation Principle

The motor drives the rotor to move at high speed in the crushing cavity. The aggregates are fed into the machine from the upper feed opening and crushed after being hit, impacted, sheared and grinded by rotating hammers. The crushed particles with the size less than the mesh will be discharged through the screen plate in the lower part of the rotor. Meanwhile, the coarse grains with the size larger than the mesh continue to stay on the screen plate for repeated grinding by the hammers and finally are discharged out of the machine through the screen plate.


Patented Product
Based on the mechanical principles of ordinary hammer crusher, impact crusher and vertical shaft hammer crusher, Dingli has designed the heavy hammer impact crusher with thirty years of experience in manufacturing the equipment for processing materials.
High Capacity
The crushing chamber is designed in line with dynamics principle, which can increase the throughput by 30%. The hourly capacity of our crusher can be up to 3000 ton.
Low Cost
With integrated function of crushing and shaping, the heavy hammer crusher of Dingli can crush the material into required size for only once, which reduces 35 % of equipment investment.
Adjustable Discharge
Dingli's crusher uses wrench to adjust the discharging bolts, in such way, it reduces equipment damage and abrasion of hammers, thus the service life of hammers will increase by 4-6 times.
Solid & Durable Parts
With patented solid snail shell and reinforcing bar on the back, the crusher can suffer strong external impact. Moreover, it adopts high-quality wear parts, such as manganese-chromium alloy hammers, all-round lining plates, and never-damaged hammer discs.
Easy Maintenance
The crusher is equipped with 8 hammer shaft holes, 4 for backups. It is easy to observe functioning of the machine in the observation doors. The hydraulic coupling facilitates the replacement of hammers and shaft. Tightly bolted wear parts can be easily disassembled.


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