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Pulse Bag Deduster

Application: dusty air purification and materials recycling in food, pharmaceutical, feed, metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemicals, power and light industries.

Dust Concentration: ≤1000mg/m3

Discharge Size: ≤50mg/m3

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster
  • Pulse Bag Deduster



  Since the invention in 1950s, the pulse bag deduster has been widely used and constantly improved in the domestic and foreign market. Now it has made great progress in purifying dust gas. With advanced dust cleaning technology and increased gas-to-cloth ratio, the deduster is boasted with large capacity, small footprint, efficient purification, reliable operation, simple structure and less maintenance. Moreover, it dust removal efficiency has reached 99%.

Operation Principle

  When the pulse bag deduster is working properly, dusty gas goes into the hopper from the air inlet. As the rapid expansion of the volume of gas, a portion of coarse dust particles fall into the hopper due to inertia or natural subsidence; most of the remaining dust moves into the bag room with the rise of air flow. After being filtered, the purified gas goes into the upper box body from the interior of filtering bag and is then discharged into the atmosphere from the valve plate holes and air vents. Through continuous filtration, dedusting resistance will also rise. When it reaches a certain value, the cleaning controller will issue a cleaning command. After the poppet valve plate is closed and filter airflow is cut off, the cleaning controller will send a signal to pulse solenoid valve. As the pulse valve send the high-pressure reverse airflow used for cleaning into the bag, the filtering bag will inflate rapidly and produce strong jitter, which causes shake-off of the dust outside the filter bag. The device is divided into several zones, when one of the zones is cleaning dust; the remaining zones are still working properly to ensure the continuous functioning of the device. The secret of handling high concentrations of dust lies in the very short time (only 0.1 - 0.2s for once) for the strong dust cleaning.


1. Dingli’s filter overcomes the disadvantages of conventional pulse deduster. It operates stalely, reliably and economically with strong cleaning ability, high efficiency, low emission concentration, small leakage rate, low energy consumption and small footprint.
2. With the extension of cleaning cycle, it greatly reduces the energy consumption of cleaning and compresses air. At the same time, the degree of fatigue of filter bag and pulse valve is correspondingly reduced, and thus exponentially increases their lifetime.
3. The bag repair or replacement can be operated in the normal working condition of the system without stopping the wind turbine. With the elastic expansion ring used for the pocket, the bag has good sealing, solid and reliable performance. Since polygonal keel reduces the friction against filter bag, the lifetime of bag is prolonged and it is easy to unload bags.
4. The bag is pumped from the top. After the skeleton is pulled out during bag replacement, the dirty bag is thrown into the lower cabinet and removed from the manhole, which improves the operating condition for bag replacement.
5. With airtight design, the cabinet has good imperviousness. The inspection door is made from high-quality sealing materials. In the operation, kerosene is used to check leak, which greatly reduces the air leakage.
6. Due to compact layout of the inlet and outlet of air passage, the flow resistance is small.


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