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1500TPH Crushing Production Line of Chunjiang Cement

  • Material:limestone bluestone
  • Capacity:1500tph
  • Equipment:ZGC2050 feeder PCZ1820 PC1220 hammer crusher* 8 3YKZ3070 screen
  • Contact: Manager Ma
  • Tel: 0086-13613735555 / 0086-18336065555
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On-site Circumstance

 In the cement crushing production line, limestone accounts for a very large proportion (even over 50%) among various kinds of raw material. In this production line, after being evenly conveyed to the crusher for crushing, a large quantity of limestone enters into the next stage of production & processing. The large crusher of Dingli can produce a high amount of finished material within an hour and rapidly finish the production of finished cement material, which greatly improve the production & processing efficiency.

Customer Review

As a large cement group Chunjiang Cement Group continues to increase its production scale. The previous production lines with small hourly capacity have gradually been eliminated; instead the production lines with large hourly capacity are built. This 2000T/H production line is configured with a full set of Dingli’s equipment for limestone crushing which enlarges the production scale and efficiency of cement compared with the previous production equipment. The customer indicated it will prefer to select Dingli’s equipment in the future construction of cement crushing production line. It is another successful case in recent construction of cement crushing production line of the Company.

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