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600-800TPH Stone Production Line in Huaibei Anhui

  • Material:limestone
  • Capacity:800tph
  • Equipment:ZG2050 feeder PCZ1820 PC1220 hammer crusher 4YKZ3070 vibrating screen *3
  • Contact: Manager Ma
  • Tel: 0086-13613735555 / 0086-18336065555
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On-site Circumstance

Basic configuration:We fully consider the matching adaption of material quality and design process of production line through equipment model selection and reasonable configuration. In line with the technical requirements of the modern concrete on the finished aggregates, the production line saves investment and improves economic profit.

Investment advantage:The PC hammer crusher with hourly capacity of 500 ton is adopted for production; 3 vibrating screens are configured side by side in 3 columns with the screening efficiency 50% higher than the two combined screens and and it can produce the material with better shape. It requires 3-4 sets of jaw crusher and impact crusher in order to produce the same capacity of hammer crusher. This production line is featured with easy maintenance and high investment-output ratio.

Customer Review

  There are various rich mineral resources in Huaibei; especially the limestone reserve is top-ranked in China. This production line designed and configured by Xinxiang Dingli is quite in line with our local requirements of exploiting and utilizing the limestone resource. Besides it has large-diameter hammer plate, heavy hammerhead, strengthened hammer shaft, low rotary speed, and reasonably-arranged impact plate etc. With large feed size & reduction ratio and high output Dingli’s crusher brings huge profit return and obtains workers supports.

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