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Bucket Wheel Sand Washer

Application: clear away the soil and dust mixed in the sand or extract sand in the mineral processing.

Capacity: 30-600t/h

Feed Size: ≤10mm

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer
  • Bucket Wheel Sand Washer


I. Product introduction

Product introduction: XS sand washer is an efficient bucket wheel sand washing machine researched by Dingli on the basis of actual situation of China’s gravel industry after adoption of globally advanced technology. It has integrated function of cleaning, dehydrating and grading.

II. Application Field

XS sand washer, developed and manufactured by Xinxiang Dingli Mining Equipment Co., Ltd., is widely used for cleaning, grading and washing fine and coarse sand in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity concrete mixing station, glass manufacturing and oil well industries.

III. Structural Principle

In the operation, electric motor drives the impeller to rotate at a slow speed after deceleration through v-belt, speed reducer and gear. After entering into the washing tank from feeding tank, the gravel begin to rotate and grind each other so as to clear away the impurities covered in the surface of sand and breaks the vapor layer for dehydrating. Meantime, the water is added to form a strong current, which can bring away the foreign materials with smaller density. The clean gravel is poured into the discharge tank through rotating impeller. At this time, it finishes the whole process of cleaning sand.

IV. Performance Features

1. XS sand washer has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high capacity, high cleaning ability, low power consumption and less sand drain. Separated from water and water materials, the drive bearing of impeller precisely separates sand and water, which prevents device from the damage out of water, sand or pollutant. Compared with traditional machine, it has much less failures, so Dingli’s sand washer has become a preferred model for China’s sand-making industry.
2. With reasonable & sealed structure, fully-closed transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate, it is highly efficient and durable. More importantly, it has sound dehydration effect.


Long Service Life
Separated from water and water materials, the drive device of impeller prevents the bearing from damage out of water, sand and pollutant.
Less Sand Drain
There are extremely less drain of fine sand and powder. The gradation and fineness modulus has met national requirements for building sand and crushed stone.
Reliable Structure
Reasonable structure, easy maintenance, large processing capability, high degree of cleanness; sound grain shape of finished materials.


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