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Hammer Crusher

Xinxiang Dingli Mining Equipment Industry has hammer crusher, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen with high performance and capacity.

Capacity: 50-2500t/h
Application: rigid and friable material



Different from heavy hammer crusher, hammer crusher with letter of PC is a standard crusher with lower output and crushes materials less than 200Mpa hardness as limestone and bluestone. Motivated by electric motor, the hammerhead can crush new aggregates by 360 degree rotating and is widely used in cement and concrete material crushing production line.

Working principle

By using high speed rotating hammerhead to impact ore, hammer crusher can crush them with its natural fracture and joint surfaces. As ore is fed into crushing chamber, it is crushed by high speed rotating hammerhead. Meanwhile ore gains kinetic energy in the process of impacting and gets into secondary crushing stage by rushing into crushing liner in high speed; meanwhile, ores are also crushed by each other in this process. And then aggregates are discharged from outlet after getting numerous times of crushing.


Performance Feature and Advantages

  1. Low investment, quick money recovering, huge productivity, high output, reliable performance, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, and low production cost.
  2. High output, environmental protection and energy saving, 1500ton hammer crushing production line, various application and handling.
  3. Less wear, long service life, and adjustable discharging gate.
  4. Complete modes, advanced technology, various production capacity. We use the most pioneering and advanced patent technology.

1500t/h Hammer Crusher Limestone Production Line Flow Chart

1500t/h Hammer Crusher Limestone Production Line Flow Chart

Hammer Crusher Technical Parameter

Heavy Hammer Crusher Technical Parameter

Model Rotor Diameter
Feed Opening
Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Machine Size
PCZ1308-Ⅱ 1310×790 850×800 ≤600 100-160 132 2818×2100×2390
PCZ1510-Ⅴ 1500×950 1000×900 ≤700 160-210 132×2 3260×2414×2750
PCZ1512-Ⅴ 1500×1160 1200×900 ≤750 250-320 160×2 3260×2624×2750
PCZ1615-Ⅵ 1650×1452 1500×1200 ≤1000 420-500 200×2 3456×2915×3185
PCZ1620-Ⅱ 1660×1900 2000×1200 ≤1200 800-1000 400×2 3500×3100×3200
PCZ1820 1800×1964 2000×1200 ≤1200 1000-1200 450×2 3270×3210×3520
PCZ2125 2100×2486 2600×1690 ≤1600 2000-2500 1250 3728×4565×4667

Standard Hammer Crusher Technical Parameter

Moddel Rotor Diameter
Feed Opening
Feed Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Machine Size
PC-0706 700×570 618×510 ≤400 50-70 75 1950×1340×1480
PC-0808 800×750 780×610 ≤500 80-100 132 2280×1790×1670
PC-0910 900×1000 1070×750 ≤600 150-200 110×2 2600×2200×1940
PC-1012 1000×1180 1255×810 ≤650 250-300 132×2 2800×2310×2210
PC-1213 1200×1280 1350×900 ≤750 300-350 160×2 2970×2580×2510
PC-1216 1270×1490 1530×920 ≤750 400-500 200×2 3070×2840×2580
PC-1220 1220×1950 2000×900 ≤750 500-600 220×2 3080×3380×2580

Hammer Crusher Price

So far, there are many types of crushers in market, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, and heavy hammer crusher. The price of hammer crusher remains moderate and is cheaper than cone crusher. And with complicated structure and maintenance, cone crusher is specifically crushing harder aggregates. As to impact crusher, it can crush medium hardness aggregate while needs jaw crusher to work as a secondary crusher with wholly high investment. Thus it is wise to choose hammer crusher in reducing investment cost.

With the influence of many outer elements of steel price, human operation costs and the upgrading of technology, the price of hammer crusher cannot keep unchanging. However as a professional hammer crushing manufacturing company, Xinxiang Dingli is keeping providing customers with the most quality equipment in the most reasonable price. If you want to ask the price of the equipment, please inquire professional technicians who can tell you the quotaion after selecting equipment and planning complete production line for you.

After Sale Service

To ensure equipment has the best working condition and customer's trust and satisfaction, our company provides customer with qualified accessory and trained maintenance staff to provide prompt and fine after-sale service. Specific after-sale service contents are as following:

  1. Send after-sale staff to introduce customer for installation and testing for free.
  2. Train operators on site.
  3. Ensure providing prompt original accessories with our wear parts.
  4. Change broken accessories due to poor quality or wear under warranty.
  5. Maintanence for free under warranty.

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