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Advantages: made from chrome alloy, the most wear-resistant metal, our hammers enhance the operation stability of the crusher while extending its lifetime by 20%.

Quality:chrome alloy

Process: casting

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I. Description

As core part arranged in the shaft of rotor, our hammers directly hit the aggregates while the crusher is in a high-speed movement. The aggregates are eventually crushed into the suitable sizes. Currently, the crusher hammers are generally manufactured by casting or forging. As for aggregates crushing, the crusher hammers shall have strong wear resistance and the handle shall have enough toughness, so the alloy steel, high manganese steel, high-chromium iron and other dual metal composite materials are commonly cast or forged for only once to the desired model. Through appropriate heat treatment process, the hammers are more economical.

The content of silica is key factor that influences the wear resistance of crusher hammers. Through long-time market test, it indicates the hammers made from carbide alloy have sound wear resistance.

II. Product Material

As wear-resistant part, the hammers of Dingli crusher are made from alloy, the most advanced and resistant metal parts in domestic market.


Performance Features

Through the research of alloy white iron with 10 to 30% chromium, it is found that the high-chrome sound abrasion.

With net-breaking chrysanthemum shape, the carbide has higher toughness than that with net shape; besides, various matrixes of all the austenite and martensite can be obtained from the matrix of high chromium cast iron through different heat treatment processes for meeting various needs.

Through compound modification, the hammer of Dingli Crusher functions well in grain refinement and purification of grain boundary; by controlling the solidification mode and optimizing heat treatment process during the casting, it manufactures the foundry goods with high hardness, good toughness, high impact resistance and strong abrasion resistance.

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