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YKS Vibrating Screen

Application:granular and powder materials of mining, sand, chemical, food, metallurgic, digging, building, grain, grinding, fertilizer, and coal industries.

Capacity: 70-500t/h

Feed Size: ≤150mm

Hotline: 0086-18336065555

  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen
  • YKS Vibrating Screen


I. Introduction

YK vibrating screen manufactured by Dingli is a multi-deck and efficient new vibrating screen, designed specifically for screening material in the quarry, also for product gradation of coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical and other industries. The circular vibrating screen has big four types with various sizes. The exciter can be vibration box or eccentric block; the motor can be connected in the mode of universal joint or tire coupling.

II. Application

It is widely used for screening the granular and powdery materials in mining, sand, chemicals, food, metallurgy, building materials, food, abrasive, fertilizer and coal industry.

III. Structure Principle

The screening machine is mainly composed of screen tank, frame, sieve, vibration motor, motor pedestal, damping spring, and so on.
When the two vibration motors make simultaneous but reserve rotating, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block is cancelled by each other in the direction paralleled to the motor shaft and combined to a resultant force in the direction that is perpendicular with the motor shaft. Therefore the trajectory of screening machine is a straight line. There is a dip angle between the screen surface and each motor shaft. Under the joint force of exciting force and self-gravity, the aggregates leap forward in a straight line after being thrown up. In such a manner, the screen completes screening and grading of the materials.


IV. Performance features

1. Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, low investment;
2. Easy installation, small amount of maintenance, low operating costs;
3. Due to large ore material flow, the channel clogging is reduced, which improves working efficiency of the screen;
4. Vibrating ore flow is continuous, uniform and adjustable as needed with easy and reliable operation;
5.With stable amplitude under super resonance, it can be loaded with large fluctuations and operated in dusty or aqueous working environment;
6. Remarkable energy conservation with low electric cost.
7. With half-wave rectifier adopted for electrical control, the feed quantity can be step-less adjusted.
8. The alloy-steel material tank is suitable for conveying the aggregates with high temperature, severe wear and corrosion.


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