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Coal Gangue Crusher

Coal gangue crusher is the main equipment for crushing coal gangue that needs a whole set of production line equipped with many types of equipment.

Capacity: 50- 2000t/h
Main Equipment: crusher,feeder

Product Introduction


Xinxiang Dingli Mining Equipment Corporate practically supports the development of infrastructure such as, energy, transport, crusher, and so on. In order to further develop Dingli, we produce high efficient crusher with international standard with joint effort, and this kind of machine has a wide production scope and keeps pace with economic demand.

The coal gangue crusher with low energy consumption and high using level will become the main machine in green and environmental friendly development.

Material Introduction

Coal Gangue is a kind of solid thing that is produced in the process of coal mining and washing. As a lower carbon content and harder material than coal material, coal gangue is a dark gray stone produced with coal steam in the process of making coal. It includes excavation of waste rock in roadway, the waste rock produced from the roof, floor and sandwich during the excavation and waste rock selected in the process of washing coal.


Flow Chart of Coal Gangue Production Line with 150-200t/h

Coal gangue mined from coal mine is concretely transformed into crushing site and shaped into size by feeding, crushing, and screening  machines and then added some other materials to form a new type of energy saving materials with coal gangue brick machine.


Investment Prospect

Environment protection is China’s basic national policy. With the strength of national environmental protection law enforcement and the improvement of environment requirement, the issues of solving coal gangue pollution become more and more important. The placement of coal gangue occupies many places and its waste water and waste stone influence the eco-environment and pollutes the surrounding solid and underwater with water of waste stone. Also it contains some fuel that can be fired in the proper condition and released some harmful gas such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides and soot polluted the environment and they will do harm to the people around mining area. Thus, we changed them into useful material by using building material to replaced clay as the ingredient in bricks making that saves the farmland and reduces environment pollution. As firing brick, it has fuel that can save coal, becomes a new type of environmental friendly building materials; and it is an effective way to solve pollution by using them for electricity generation.

Application Field

  1. Recycling coal and pyrite: selecting high quality coal from coal gangue with simple technology and screening inferior coal and pyrite.
  2. Electric generation: it mainly generates electricity (2000 kilocalories per kg) by burning washing coal and washing gangue, which has already been used in China.
  3. Making building materials: they use building material to replace clay for bricks makingwith less farmland occupation, which saves the farmland.In firing brick, they use fuel to replace coal.

Coal Gangue Hammer Crusher


Feed Size: ≤1200mm
Capacity: 50-800T/H

Application: limestone, coal, salt, chalk, mineral, gypsum, alum, brick, tile, coal gangue and so on.

Xinxiang Dingli elaborately designs a kind of special hammer crusher that can directly crush 600mm-1200mm diameter materials into less than 25mm by absorbing advanced international technology. And it crushes medium hardness and brittle materials less than 200 MPa compressive strength and over 40% calcium.


Performance Feature

  1. Hammer crusher is the low energy cost and investment equipment as can hold bigger materials and crush them into smaller ones by once.
  2. It changes the way of using grid to control the size of outlet by an adjustable outlet port. This reduces the hammer’s wear condition and increases its service life to 4 to 6 times. This design is a remarkable breakthrough in crushing design with large output and fewer costs.
  3. By using of chrome hammer, our company is with the most advanced technology and the most wear-resistant parts.
  4. It also can crush wet materials that is to say we can add water to reduce dust pollution and to protect worker’s health and environment.
  5. We have all kinds of machines and crushing capacity of 50t/h-1000t/h that can meet all sorts of customer’s needs.

Coal Gangue Sand Maker


coal-sand maker

Feed size: ≤150mm
Capacity: 20-50T/H

Application: ZSJ double rotor sand makers are widely applied in stone, cement and various metallurgical slag industries for crushing and shaping soft and medium hardness aggregates. It also applies to make artificial sand, highway, railway, water conservancy, airport, construction and other industries for producing high-quality stone.

ZSJ double rotor sand maker is successfully created according to the characteristics of huge impact and high rate. It is richly popular among customers for its simple structure, stable operation, effective crushing, and lower energy costing.


Performance Feature

  1. Heavy loading, high circular rates, huge productivity, and small and average finished size;
  2. Lower wear, longer service life, small volume, light weight, and easy-changing parts;
  3. The self-welt of material in vortex chamber reduces wearing parts cost and maintenance work that has higher wear and tear resistant ability;
  4. Less impact of the wet material with 8% water holding;
  5. Less dust pollution, stable operation, and low working noise with chamber circulatory;
  6. Safe equipment operation, reasonable and simple structure, high reliability, and precise and safe support equipment;

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