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Hammer Crusher / Heavy Hammer Crusher

When we talk about heavy hammer crusher, it refers to the machines of crushing huge stones into demanded size with two types of finished materials.

Capacity: 50-2500t/h
Feed size: ≤1600mm

Product Introduction


Heavy hammer crusher is a widely produced and applied machine, and operated with hammer impact principle. It can be divided into primary and secondary heavy hammer crusher with production process. If the aggregates are too hard, you should apply both of them to meet the demand of customers. However our company researched and developed a popular heavy hammer crusher by absorbing all the advantages of heavy hammer crusher and impact crusher.

Working Principle

Each crusher has its own working principle, so does heavy hammer crusher. Motivated by electric belt, hammerhead rotates in the chamber in high speed to impact aggregates and also aggregates impact each other to produce a fine material shape.

Hammer Crusher Demo

Structure Principle

  1. As to the rotor of heavy hammer crusher, it consists of spindle, disc, and pin. There are holes and pin in disc and hammers hung on the pin by hole. The rotor is the parts for placing and motivating hammerhead.
  2. The spindles of heavy hammer crusher and hammer crusher are the essential parts in supporting rotor. It needs lager flexibility and strength to hold their impact.
  3. As a crushing hammerhead, the quality of heavy hammerhead plays an important role in improving the crushing effect. We largely improved the strength, flexibility, and wear resistance by adopted the composite material.
 Heavy Hammer Crusher Parts


  1. The configuration of heavy hammer crusher production line is widely used in the aggregates production line for crushing limestone into different finished materials and with huge production capacity.
  2. We used heavy hammer crusher, in cement and concrete production, to crush limestone and other materials and then mixed them in proper proportion to get the finest finished cement and concert materials.
  3. Besides crushing limestone, it can also crush those less hard materials as gangue and shale and organize relative production line.

Features and Advantages

  1. Our heavy hammer crushers have unique advantages in crushing limestone. Especially after constantly optimizing in recent years, the output, productivity, popularity, and market share have got constantly improved.
  2. By adopted hammer crusher in crushing, heavy hammer crusher is a more effective way compared with other impact crusher in many practical production sites. It enjoys the finest customer response with fully material crushing.
  3. Though there are many hammer crusher production companies, our heavy hammer crusher has many national technological patents by constantly absorbing advanced science technology. Such as we play an leading role in non-grid design and high quality steal material production.

Application & Prospect

  1. As to the future development of crusher, we will get into the road of green and environmental protection, energy saving, and effective development. The small crusher cannot meet the requirement of huge production for its lower productivity, while our thousands ton production per hour crusher not only improves its productivity but is popular among customers. With increasingly accelerating social development, our heavy crusher has a bright future.
  2. It is a common issue for many production companies to improve heavy hammer crusher’s technology. As China’s biggest heavy hammer crusher producing company, Xinxiang Dingli is constantly absorbing advanced science technology and elicit people and attaching great importance to the research of science and technology to build heavy hammer crusher science and research base and promote company development.
  3. With the wide using of heavy hammer crusher in not only sand production line but other projects, we should research, develop, and produce the relative crusher on their actual condition, and attach more importance to the customers maintenance in crushing production to ensure meeting all the requirements of customers.

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