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Stone Production Line

The stone production line mainly produces stone and finished gravel material. It is generally configured with primary crusher and secondary crusher.

Capacity: customer demand
Max feed size: less than 1.2m



The stone production line mainly produces stone and finished gravel material. It is generally configured with primary crusher and secondary crusher specially for crushing the material with the compressive pressure less than 320Mpa. if the customer has high requirement for the grain shape, one or two sets of shaping machine should also be equipped.

Design Elements

  1. Material hardness. The crushing solution is determined on the basis of material hardness. Limestone, as the most common material, is suitable to be crushed by our hammer crusher.
  2. Hourly capacity. The production line can be divided into small, medium and large ones. The equipment is selected based on the hourly capacity of different production lines.
  3. Grain shape. It is also an important factor to consider for the design. The sand making machine can be adopted for producing more finished gravel material. It requires more than one set of crushers in order to crush the material into the grain size required by the customers.

Features & Advantages

  1. We offer customers with tailored solution for stone production including design, installation and equipment production.
  2. With over 30-year experience in stone production and 1000 customer production sites across China, we stand out among numerous stone equipment manufacturers in the industry.
  3. The traditional stone production line with low efficiency can hardly meet national requirements. The newly designed line of Dingli is highly automatic with high efficiency. All the equipment can be controlled by only a button.

Equipment Configuration

Flow Chart of Eco-friendly Stone Production


The configuration is generally composed of vibrating feeder, crusher, secondary crusher, vibrating screen and other auxiliary equipment including dedusting and noise-reducing devices, belt conveyor and dust proof equipment. The production project for cement preparation crushing requires more supporting equipment, such as professional deduster in order to reduce air pollution during the production.

The eco-friendly stone production line designed by Dingli is configured with professional DMCA mining deduster and dust cover in all the production equipment, which greatly reduces the dust pollution of each stage of production. Up to now, we have built many garden-like stone production lines across China.


  1. With large hourly capacity and wide application, the new stone production line can meet various requirements of large-scale building construction, railway and highway.
  2. With the increased development of technology, the stone production line with simple design can hardly meet the requirements of current market. It is a trend to integrate more technical & innovative results and involve professional technician for the design and installation of production line.
  3. In addition to limestone, bluestone, granite and basalt can also be crushed for stone production. The manufactures of mining equipment shall design and install the production line according to the quality of different material in order to expand its market share.

Propest of Stone Production Line

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