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Stone Crusher

Stone crushers refer to the machinery equipment for crushing the bulk stone, limestone, bluestone and other materials.

Capacity: 50 -1000 t/h
Feed size: ≤ 1200mm



There is a variety of crusher equipment, respectively applied in different production projects, impact crusher for the production of finished gravel project, hammer crusher for stone & fine sand production, ZSJ dual rotor sand making machine for the production project required for sand shaping. With years of experience in the manufacturing and processing of stone crushers, Xinxiang Dingli produced all the types of above-mentioned equipment.

Operation Principle

General stone crusher equipment crushes the aggregates through a variety of extrusion, fracture and impact crushing by various parts in the crushing cavity, while the stone crushers manufactured by Dingli crush the aggregates in the crushing cavity through impacting and hammering. Thus you should produce finished gravel materials with the grain shape in line with customer requirements.

Performance Features & Advantages

  1. With complete types of stone crushers being manufactured, Dingli also produces complete finished materials including stone, fine sand and coarse sand.
  2. Each type of Dingli’ s stone crusher has its unique technology advantage, for example, grid-free design for heavy hammer crusher and dual rotor design for the sand making machine, etc.
  3. Among all the types of stone crushers manufactured by Dingli, the crusher with large hourly capacity especially stands out. Within the same production time, our equipment can produce more finished materials with the grain shape in line with or much better than national technical standards.

Stone Crusher Production Line Configuration


The production line configuration of the stone crusher mainly includes the vibrating feeder, the vibrating screen and the crusher. Different equipment shall be equipped to meet the needs of various production lines. Generally a set of crusher can complete the crushing process of a production line, if necessary, secondary crusher or the sand shaping equipment is needed to meet production requirement.

General production process of the stone crusher includes exploitation of large stone in the mountain, conveying the aggregates less than 1.2m into the crusher by vibrating feeder for crushing and finally conveying the finished stone materials with various particle sizes into different silos through the vibrating screen.


Recommended Stone Crushers

  1. Hammer stone crusher, a widely used type in the current market, can crush the large stone into finished stone materials with different particle sizes. It is widely applied in many stone production lines and the lines demanding finished gravels.
  2. Impact crusher, the most used equipment in the production of finished sand materials, becomes the first choice in the sand making production line since the finished materials have sound grain shape through its crushing.
  3. ZSJ dual rotor sand shaping machine can also be used as secondary crusher because of its unique design of the dual feed inlet, accommodation of more materials and sound effect of sand shaping.

Application and Prospect


  1. In large-scale gravel production line, the stone crusher can crush large aggregates into the finished stone materials widely used in the water and electricity, building materials, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure.
  2. In the industry of architectural decoration, the stone is also needed to be crushed into the shape in line with the requirements of decoration. The scale of such gravel production line is generally very small, such as marble crushing project.
  3. As popular mineral resource, limestone is widely used in cement and concrete mixing station. And it produces cement and concrete finished materials with stone crusher and mixing.


  1. At present, with overall infrastructure construction increasing day by day, the demand for finished stone materials, such as stones and gravels, is expected to rise greatly, which will greatly promote the construction of related gravel production lines and development of crushing equipment.
  2. Limestone is non-renewable, so it is vital to select a premium crusher in order to make full use of such resource and prepare high-quality concrete, cement and other finished materials by complementing it with other resources. Only the quality crusher can ensure the production of finished materials with sound grain shape, qualified graduation and high quality.
  3. With various particle sizes, the finished materials produced by the stone crusher range from sand to stone power. Only the crushing equipment with a wide range of application can meet market requirements and hold an unbeaten status in the fierce market competition.

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