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Stone Crushing Plant in Hunan

  • Material:limestone
  • Capacity:2500tph
  • Equipment:G2050 feeder*1 set PCZ1820 heavy hammer crusher*1 set PC1220 shaping hammer crusher*1 set 3YKZ3070 vibrating screen*2 sets 2YKZ3070 vibrating screen*2 sets
  • Contact: Manager Feng
  • Tel: 0086-13467740186 / 0086-18336065555
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On-site Circumstance

Production Line Configuration

Equipment Model Unit(set) Power(kw)
Feeder ZG2050 1 15*2=30
Heavy hammer crusher PCZ1820 1 450*2=800
Heavy vibrating screen 2YKZ3070 2 37*2=90
Hammer crusher PC1220 1 220*2=440
Heavy vibrating screen 3YKZ3070 2 45*2=90

Investment advantage: the multiple combination of crusher and vibrating screen facilitate the material discharge and increase the capacity compared with the traditional configuration. It is characterized with uniform discharge, desirable grain shape, low power consumption and high investment-return ratio compared with the jaw crusher and impact crusher producing same capacity

Customer Review

This stone production line designed and configured by Xinxiang Dingli is featured by energy saving environmental protection and large scale. Through all-round survey and site visit of many other Dingli’s customers we are reassured to cooperate with it to construct this line. Meanwhile we are also impressed by its professional attitude honest operation principle and reliable equipment quality. In case crushing the limestone with same capacity heavy impact crusher is a preferred choice with its price and power consumption respectively 50% and 60% lower than that of the jaw crusher which greatly reduces the investment cost and helps us return the capital within a short time. based on this win-win cooperation we will continue to choose Xinxiang Dingli in case of scale expansion in the future.


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