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Stone Production Line in Yinchuan Ningxia

  • Material:limestone
  • Capacity:1000tph
  • Equipment:ZG2050 feeder PCZ1820 hammer crusher 3YK3070 vibrating screen *3 DMCA deduster*2
  • Contact: Manager Ma
  • Tel: 0086-13613735555 / 0086-18336065555
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On-site Circumstance

At the production site, it is seen that by adopting the crusher with hourly capacity of 1200 ton, the production process is greatly simplified compared with previous production lines configured with more than one crusher. With 3 sets of vibrating screen running side by side, the efficiency has increased 50% compared with the combined screening of two screens. Instead of the previously open-pit production, the indoor enclosed method is more eco-friendly and in line with national requirements.

Customer Review

With adoption of new eco-friendly equipment there is much less dust pollution in the production line. Our self-manufactured deduster fits well with other equipment so no extra dust prevention measures are required to reduce pollution.

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