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Sand Production Line in Sanyuan Shaanxi

  • Material:cobble
  • Capacity:100tph
  • Equipment:ZSJ1213 dual rotor sand maker 2YK1560 screen*2 3YK1560 screen*2
  • Contact: Manager Guo
  • Tel: 0086-15037372020 / 0086-18336065555
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On-site Circumstance

        The ZSJ dual rotor sand making machine independently projected and developed by Xinxiang Dingli has integrated the internally advanced technology in the global manufacturing industry and obtained many patent inventions with intellectual property right. With the function of simultaneous production of aggregates and gravel, it is the first choice for the concrete mixing plant, besides, it dramatically changes the backward process that several sets of crushing machine are needed to meet the requirement of continuous size distribution, efficiently saving the investment and production site. With sound grain shape, continuous size distribution and adjustable fineness modulus, the aggregates produced by this machine can be nearly as good as natural sand, which effectively solve the problem that the stone less than 0.5-1.0mm is difficult to be sold.

Customer Review

       Our 100tph sand production line is configured with ZSJ dual rotor shaping sand maker the core equipment in this production line. It dramatically changes the historical disadvantages of traditional sand making machine such as high energy consumption and poor shape of the products. The hammering mode of dual rotor sand making machine truly achieves the crushing manner of stone hitting stone which greatly reduces consumption of hammer and wear parts. The reasonable design of grid effectively controls discharging size so that it provides more space for us to choose better size distribution and fineness modulus.

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