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Aggregates Production Line Technician in Cement Plant

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The primary crusher of heavy hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, and so on can be selected with actual demand. The production capacity of jaw crusher and impact crusher is within 1000tph and hammer crusher is within 2000tph.

So far, the cement industry of China is in a transformation period, and many cement enterprises wants to get into aggregate industry. Also there are other cement enterprises for aggregate industry and getting industry advantages.

Cement enterprises with the world situation will build a gravel aggregates production line with new technology, low energy, and high quality. Then how can we achieve a high quality gavel aggregates production line construction with cement aggregates production design technique?

The gravel aggregates production line systems has the parts of primary crushing, semi-finished material storage unit, medium crushing parts, screening parts, finished material parts, weighing parts, water handling parts, and maintenance center. There are the specific gravel aggregates production line systems.

1. Stone material goes first

In aggregates production line, there will be different machine production technology with different rocks and aggregates qualities. Take plate material as example, limestone will have difference of 7% in plate material production compared with granite. Also with the same type of granite the plater material difference will have over 10%. The high quality and cutting edge aggregate depends on the choosing of technique process.

cement crushing prodcution line

Cement aggregates production line site

2. Aggregates production line innovative design in processing technique

There are aggregates products of 25-15mm, 15-10mm, 10-5mm, 5-0mm. more 25-10mm material will be the appreciated processing technique with heavy hammer crusher for the higher production capacity.

Some aggregates production line design of cement is with primary hammer crusher plus impact crusher for the preferred aggregates grading. Multi-stage technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. With multi-stage crushing and screening operation, design with terrain will reduce the disadvantages of v-belt conveyor, dust collecting machine, and land occupation.

Ordinary speaking, machine and technique should have a close connection for whole design. For the advantages of multi-stage crushing, the three-stage crushing is recommended with primary crusher + secondary crusher + tertiary crusher.

heavy hammer crusher machine

Heavy hammer crusher picture

3. Selecting suitable machine for high quality gravel aggregates production line

With the rock feature, there should be suitable machine processing type for fine material size and gradation.

Primary crusher selection: the primary crusher is used for crushing bulk material into the size for easy conveying by v-belt conveyor. The primary crusher of heavy hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, and so on can be selected with actual demand. The production capacity of jaw crusher and impact crusher is within 1000tph and hammer crusher is within 2000tph. But the energy consumption and operation cost of crusher can be list from hammer crusher, jaw crusher, to impact crusher with increment order.

Secondary crusher: secondary crushing refers to crush material of 300mm into less than 80mm for the following processing. The secondary crusher can be used with shaping hammer crusher, cone crusher, and impact crusher. But crushing 300mm material into finished material is not popular for disadvantaging to material gradation.

Tertiary and shaping machine: VSL crusher and impact crusher is available for fine material shape.

aggregates production line for cement production

Aggregates production line with whole machines hold by Dingli

4. Selecting manufacturer with famous brand and cost effectiveness machine

There will be different machine performance features with different companies through having similar machine type and production capacity. Dingli by absorbing international technology produced heavy hammer crusher and shaping hammer crusher with better material shape and lower energy consumption.

Zhongyu Dingli as a huge mining equipment manufacturer has the ability holding aggregates production. In building high-quality and huge gravel aggregates production line, Dingli gains great praise from customers. Click or send message to dingli @dinglicrusher.com, or call 0086-0373-400-700-2111.