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Publicity of Environment Assessment&Intellectualization

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The work of environmental impact assessment of Industrialization and the research project of industrial robots and mining intellect and environmental crushing equipment of Henan Province Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. has already launched.

 The work of environmental impact assessment of Industrialization and the research project of industrial robots and mining intellect and environmental crushing equipment of Henan Province Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. has already launched. According to the rule of The Project of Publicity of Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Project (UNCED [2015] No. 162) and the publicity participation work process, now we notice as follows:

I. The Basic Condition of Construction Project.
The Name of Construction Project: Industrialization and Research Project of Industrial Robots and Mining Intellect and Environmental Crushing Equipment
Construction Character: Newly-Built
Construction Location: the north-west corner of intersection of Baiwei Avenue of Weihui Industrial Agglomeration Area and Wei 2 LU
The Land Planning Nature: Industrial Land
Total Investment: 190 million
Construction Content: The project covers an area of 71 acres and constructing industrialization and research project of industrial robots and mining intellect and environmental crushing equipment used 70 thousand square meters. This project is mainly divided into three categories: stocking robot, intellect manage system and mining crushing equipment. Manufacturing of stocking robot includes cutting process, milling, drilling, welding, turning, grinding, spray painting, assembling, program downloading, testing, and packaging. Manufacturing of intellect manage system includes PCB board design, STM production, circuit performance test, program scripted importing and packaging. Manufacturing of mining crushing equipment includes feeding, machine working, welding, thermal treatment, assembling, polishing, spray painting, checking and stocking.
Mainly protection target of the surrounding location and distance: east of Baiwei Avenue, south of Wei 2 LU and north and west of the farmland. The closest sensitive environmental site is about 560 meters to the north of Da Sima village.
II. Main Environmental Pollution Issues
i. Sewage: sewage in the project operating period mainly comes from workers’ sanitary sewage. And its pollutant concludes COD, NH3-N etc.
ii. Exhaust Gas: Exhaust gas in operation period mainly includes flue gas produced in welding process, propylene glycol methyl ether produced by spray, butyl acetate, VOCs, etc.
iii. Noise: Noise in operation period mainly comes from the process of feeding, cutting, stamping, and various types of machine tool operation.
iv. Solid Waste: Scrap and iron scrap in the process of raw material, machine manufacturing, waste oil left by all kinds of machine tools slag produced by spray paint and living garbage produced in workers’ life.
III. Construction Project Make Environmental Impact Assessment
In order to reduce the environmental influence in construction and operation, we authorized Henan Anhuan Environmental Protection S&T Co., Ltd. to make environmental impact assessment for this project construction, to analyze upon the environmental impact in the processing period, and to provide some measures to reduce it.
i. Sewage Treatment: the project sewage is used for greening industry area that disposed by septic tank;
ii. Exhaust Gas treatment: the smoke generated by welding disposed by the moving type welding fume purifier can effectively recluse smoke and dust discharging concentration. Sandblasting exhaust gas disposed by bag filter emits from a plus 17m high exhaust pipe. Exhaust gas produced by the spray chamber disposed by the filter cotton is emitted by plus hydroxyl oxidation column plus XTPO photocatalytic oxidation system plus 17m exhaust tube. All those can effectively remove the organic waste gas of this construction section. The exhaust emissions in the project operation period can be up to the standard after the control measures proposed by the environmental impact assessment;
iii. Noise Treatment: the material feeding, machining and equipment assembly of this project are completed in the laboratory, equipped with damping foundation in high noise equipment, therefore, the boundary of factory noise can reach the corresponding emission standard during the production;
iv. Solid Waste: scrap, metal scrap and waste electrode head that generated in machining feeding and operating are all intensively collected in the factory for sale. Waste oil and waste paint slag are hazardous wastes, all safely disposed by the qualified unit. Workers’ living garbage is intensively disposed by the sanitation department;
v. Light Pollution: in order to prevent workers from the strong light hurt produced in the welding process, enterprises need to equip the staff with goggles or protective mask and set a no less than 1.5m high mobile baffle in the welding operation area;
IV. The Name of Construction Unit and Its Contact
Unit Name: Henan Zhongyu Dingli Intelligence Equipment CO., Ltd.
Contacts: Yubo Ma
Tel: 13613735555
V. The Name and Contact of the Environmental Impact Assessment Institution of Undertaking Evaluation Work
Unit Name: Henan Anhuan Environmental Protection Technology CO., Ltd.
Contacts: Gong Liu
Tel: 15516496871
VI. The Main Method for Public Giving their Opinion
    The public can submit their advice to Henan Zhongyu Dingli Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd. by telephone, e-mail or letter.
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Henan Zhongyu Dingli Intelligence Equipment CO., Ltd.
  Sep.18th, 2016